ALT Solutions introduces Fibre!

the ultimate home connection


Due to our unique partnerships with major suppliers and backbone providers please select a provider below to see pricing & availability in your area.


Fibre will give you at all times the best accuracy in performance and you wont have bad connection speeds like ADSL.

Clarity & Reliability

Glass cannot conduct electricity, so electrical storms, for instance, will cause less interference on the lines.

Capped & Uncapped

As ADSL there is capped and Uncapped packages available from a 2MB/s up to 200+MB/s depending on your package.

We are a fully functional networking company that supply’s goods and services from internet to network and server setup and the selling of computers and accessories which includes hardware and software technologies
We are proud to announce that we now offer Fibre solutions too!

Fibre to your home with speeds up to 1Gb/s will revolutionise the way you work and play. There’s never been a better time to be a Crystal Web customer, with fibre to the home going live across the country. If you’re not covered by an existing build, simply register for XtremeTTH and we’ll build your very own next-gen broadband network. Get connected today!

Fibre Installation

Once you have selected the package you require, One of our technitians will be in contact with you to arrange a site meeting to get the installtion started. If you have any questions pelase send a meail to