We offer a 3 month Data roll over with superfast Fixed LTE

LTE is mobile at your address, and quick and easy to install, you can do it yourself – all you need is a plug point in which to plug the LTE Router.

No Fixed-Line Installation

LTE does not require a fixed or voice line, which means you don’t have to get a landline before you can get online.

Will LTE work for you?

If you live in an area that can’t get Fibre or ADSL or you live in a rental property and are not allowed to install Fibre, then LTE could be the answer for you because it does not require any fixed installation.

What speeds can you expect?

Speeds depend on network conditions, where on the coverage map your LTE Router is, the type of LTE Router you have and how many users and devices are connected at the same time. On average and in ideal conditions, you can expect up to 30Mbps.


ALT Solutions LTE Offers a wide range of LTE Sim cards that will suit your needs ranging from Cell-C, MTN and Rain. Please select a mobile provider below to see pricing.